Ecommerce websites Must-Have Features

Back when online stores started gaining popularity, it wasn’t necessary to be the best in the crowd since there only a few online stores. However, as the market and technology matured, people realized the need for a quality website. To ensure this, they started using the best ecommerce solutions provider and ecommerce platforms.

Now has come the time where investment in ecommerce websites builder, ecommerce website design and ecommerce websites template is considered a given. You must choose the best website builder 2018 has to offer. Similarly, the platform matters too. The Ecommerce solution Shopify provides is an example of a quality platform. You can conduct an Ecommerce platforms comparison if you are unsure about the top websites builder.

Once you are past the initial stages, you now must ensure that your Ecommerce website is fit for use. For this, it must have the following features.

High-Resolution and Realistic Photos

The product photos can make or break your website. After all, this is the only thing that the customer can see apart from the product description. The chances are they will solely make their decision to buy based on it. Hence, you must make sure that the photos are of high quality.

Extensive compatibility

The shopper of today uses various ways to shop online. They might use their laptop, their tablet or their phone. To make sure your site is accessible to them all, you must select a platform that delivers extensive compatibility. You can find the best free ecommerce website builder and they still might offer you this feature. Just because you are looking for a website builder free of cost doesn’t mean you should compromise on features delivered.

User reviews

Word of mouth and verified user reviews are considered to be much more credible by customers than product descriptions. This is because people expect companies to gloss over the bad parts of the product. But, other users are expected to deliver raw reviews. By adding these reviews to your site, you guarantee that customers have all the information needed to make a purchase.


Again, to deliver convenience to customers, it is better to answer their questions before they ask them. Compile all possible common questions and give its answers beforehand. This reduces abandoned carts.


Include these features in your website to make sure no customer leaves your store without purchasing something. Every sale matters.