Features Your Ecommerce Websites Are Useless Without

Nowadays, every other company has ecommerce websites. With the recent popularity of Ecommerce platforms, to gain a competitive advantage, you need to construct a quality online store. Both Ecommerce websites design and Ecommerce websites templates matter more now than it ever did before.

It doesn’t matter if you end up using the best websites builder 2018 has to offer. Here are some features the Ecommerce site will be useless without.

A consistent template

Ecommerce websites must feature consistency in design and templates. You can tell your Ecommerce solutions provider the type of template you want. Rather than opting for different ones for different landing pages, use the same theme throughout. Any quality top websites builder will be able to deliver this to you. You should do an Ecommerce platforms comparison to see which Ecommerce website builder offers the best templates.

A wish list

Sometimes a lot of customers partake in window shopping even on online stores. If you give them the option of adding stuff to a wish list, they are more likely to come back to it and buy those items later on. Not all online stores offer this. Hence, to gain a competitive advantage, you can deliver a wish list option. Ecommerce solution Shopify offers has this option.

Multiple payment options

People like flexibility. This include in instances of payment. Whether it be cash on delivery or different credit options, make sure that your website offers different payment options. This ensures that you are able to deliver your services to the masses.


It doesn’t matter if you invest in premium builders or a websites builder free of cost. You must ensure that the platform delivered is compatible with mobiles and tablets alike. You don’t know how customers plan on accessing your store. Hence, even if you select the best free Ecommerce builder, ensure that it is compatible. Or else, you will be missing out on potential customers.

Abandoned cart retrieval

Allow your customers to retrieve their abandoned carts. This will be a source of convenience for them as well as a possible source of revenue for you.  People abandon carts all the time. That is a loss of possible sales for you. Whether it be via email alerts or push notifications, do remind your customers of their abandoned adventure.


Make sure to include these features in your website. Or else, all your efforts will go to waste.